Perfect Recall is dedicated to helping you share your past with the future in whatever way is most meaningful to you. We have the expertise to:

  • Research your family tree – or teach you how;
  • Refine and print your family history;
  • Edit and proofread your memoirs;
  • Create a memory book; or
  • Partner with you to design a unique legacy project.

However you choose to tell your story, Perfect Recall is here to help.

Specializing in:
Research, Family Histories, Memoirs, Self-Published Books.


Glenna Morrison is the owner of Perfect Recall: Sharing Your Past with the Future. Inspired by her strong desire to capture your unique history for the next generation, she’s a natural in her role and passionate about her work.

Glenna has dedicated the last 15 years to honing her personal interviewing and research skills to bring family stories to a new generation. She has written and privately published a number of family histories, created memory books, special event marketing material, coordinated websites and edited community publications. While in the corporate world, Glenna authored a number of employee publications to foster team spirit among virtual workers. She has also served as editor on corporate publications.

A talented professional with a wide range of business expertise and a passion for the written word, Glenna is also a Certified Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant. She has the practical skills, knowledge, and resources needed to guide you through your family history publishing journey – no matter where you are in the process – researching, writing, publishing or promoting.

Glenna is eager to share the excitement of family history with you. She has researched and written many family histories for her clients. She has also counseled others who wanted to start their own search. You are invited to read what others have had to say about Glenna and her work in the Portfolio section of this website.



Let your story echo through the generations

Have you ever wished you had asked your parents and grandparents more about their early lives? Forty years from now, will your children and grandchildren be wishing the same thing?

Share Your Unique Family History

Perfect Recall can help you share your past with the future. We can research your roots for you. Or, we can teach you how to start your own family history project and set off on the path to discovering your own unique history.

We believe that every family has a story to tell, special memories to capture and lives worth celebrating. There is so much more to each of us than the names and dates on our family tree. As you tell your descendants who you and your ancestors are, you may also be telling them something meaningful about themselves. Did great-grandpa play the saxophone? Maybe this is where you got your love of music. Did everyone admire grandma’s quilt-making? Perhaps that’s a link to your own artistic bent.

We can help you to start researching your family history.

Editorial Assistance with Your Family History

You’ve done your own legwork, you’ve gathered the stories, and now you want to share them, to tell your own story. Perfect Recall will enhance your manuscript with professional proofreading and subtle editing. Our goal is to make your words shine.

And, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of information collected and hardly know where to start – Perfect Recall can help you focus and develop a framework to use as a guide.

If you have gathered collateral material, such as photographs, we can organize, annotate, and help you share them in a meaningful way.

We can also guide you through the self-publishing process, help you find printers and decide on the ideal format for your work.

Once you are done, we can prepare the marketing material you need to showcase your work.

Perfect Recall is here to help you share your past with the future.

Capture | Communicate | Celebrate



Through our projects, we have journeyed through small villages in the mountains of Quebec, the early days in England, Ireland, and France, post war Korea, British India, Jewish ghettos, the U.S. Civil War and Mainland China.

Marie Pal-Brown, California

Daughter of the Enemy Memoir

Glenna Morrison worked on several projects surrounding the publication of my memoir, Daughter of the Enemy. Her meticulous proofing of the manuscript was much appreciated and she did an expert job of creating my author website: After the successful launch of my book, Glenna has helped me with various promotional items needed for the readings I booked. Her professionalism made the miles between us disappear. I would not hesitate to recommend her to you.

Patrick Plunkett, Ontario, Canada

The Plunkett/Barnes Familty Story

Thanks very much for researching and chronicling the history of my family. The book that you have written is exactly what I was looking for when we first started talking about the project. I’ve never had such a clear understanding of the chronology of my family and was never able to associate my ancestors with history. Your work is my key to the understanding of my family history. That book is full of facts about the Plunkett/Barnes family that I had no idea about.

Vic McCarty, California

Adventures in China Book

First and foremost, I want to recognize Glenna Morrison without whom this book, Adventures in China, wouldn’t be. She arranged for me to send stacks of China trip journals and letters home to be typed. From all that, Glenna worked to pull the meaningful materials into early drafts. The only way the book on my travels in China came to such a successful conclusion was because of Glenna Morrison. She directed the organization of a mass of data accumulated from my travels, set up a plan for presentation, inclusion while coaching and working with me. She was responsible for the very effective layout and the classy front and back covers. I was more than pleased with the final product. No Glenna Morrison, no book!

Anne Palmer, Connecticut

James Clark Family Website

If there are missing pieces in your family history or if you simply want to learn more about your ancestry, Glenna Morrison has the expertise and resources to assist you in your search. In the process your family becomes Glenna’s passion!

When I wanted to take all the historical information and pictures I had about my large extended family, I needed someone to help me organize it in a logical and easy to access manner. Glenna, who had been helping me with my research, stepped in and designed an amazing website. She created multiple links that gave over 300 family members a complete picture of our family from our origins to the present day. Now I have become a valuable resource for all my cousins and their families!

Marilyn Gray Zanth, Quebec

How Green Was My Gray Valley Book

I can only say thank you sincerely for all the work you accomplished in editing and publishing of my book How Green Was My Gray Valley. It means so much to me. The book would not have attained fruition without your help and encouragement.

Barbara Crane

When Water Was Everywhere Website         When Water Was Everywhere Facebook         Barbara Crane Website

Glenna was responsible for both of my websites and was an invaluable help on my Facebook page. I could not have achieved the results I did without her. She listened to what I wanted to accomplish and then worked with me on content and design every step of the way. She is always easy to work with, too. She deserves a 5-star rating!

Jan Coggins, Arizona

Ovarian Cancer? You can NOT be serious! Book

Glenna was instrumental in guiding and designing my website. I was hesitant at first since we were miles apart but she made everything seamless because of her knowledge and expertise. She also was responsive to inquiries in a timely fashion and was always eager to make my site even better. I couldn't be more pleased with Glenna's work and would highly recommend her to others.

Garrett M. Brown, Lagoon House Press

Lagoon House Press Website

Glenna produced a winning website for Lagoon House Press. She met all deadlines and gave us excellent advice as well as quick turnaround. Despite differences in time and distance (we’re 3000 miles and 3 time zones apart), the project went remarkably smoothly.

Walter Letham, Mayor, Ville de Lery, Quebec

Le Léryverain Town Magazine    Le Léryverain Town Magazine    Le Léryverain Town Magazine

Our biannual town magazine was in great need of refreshment. Once Glenna took the project on, the transformation was fantastic. The content, and its presentation, has fostered an enthusiastic town spirit. Fantastic job, Glenna.



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